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As a precision shooter, you understand the need to use a stabilizing device in both the front and rear of a rifle. Bipods are common front-end hardware and sandbags are often used for the rear. Sandbags must be filled to perfection for ideal adjustability. Forgetting a sandbag could mean using a rock which has no give for adjustment, a brush pile which is unstable, or in the case of James Starkey, a sock filled with dirt.

Accu-shot was developed as a modern-day alternative to the primitive sandbags used in shooting and has proven itself as a valuable precision-creating asset to shooters worldwide. With the Accu-shot, shooters are able to better control the butt of their rifle and hold the weapon stable similar to how the bipod creates stability in the front. Additional products and improvements have allowed Accu-shot to gain ground and become an established name as more shooters learn its ease of use and limitless benefits.

Our products are time-honored and quality tested. We know what our customers want in a product and are successful in meeting those needs. We also know that as expert shooters, our customers want to know the latest news about available products, how those products hold up to the competition and information on how to use new products from the people who use them – other shooters.

This forum is for you, dear precision shooter, to learn, grow and discuss the tools of the trade. Here, we offer you weekly tips about precision shooting, an outlet to connect with like-minded shooters and a place to feel at home. For specific questions about products, an expert will answer in detail any technical questions you might have.

Accu-shot strives to keep you informed and connected – not only with other shooters, but directly with us. Let us know what’s on your mind and what you want to know because we are here to help you hit your target the first time, every time.
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Do you ever find yourself wishing you could shoot but find you are without the space to do it? If it seems the weather is always against you, you’re too far from an indoor shooting range or you just don’t have the time in your schedule to travel somewhere, consider shooting at home. With proper ventilation, the X-Ring Rubber Bullet can be shot in relatively small spaces like a garage, shed or even in the basement. X-Ring Rubber Bullets are easy to load, fun to shoot and practical for any practice situation.

What’s great about the X-Ring Rubber Bullet is that it can be used relatively anywhere with your weapon of choice by loading the bullet into empty brass cartridge cases. To avoid functionality issues, a group of casings should be dedicated to X-Ring Rubber Bullet shooting by enlarging the primer flash hole with a drill bit. Then, simply primer the casing with a hand-priming tool and insert the rubber bullet into the case.

After a few bullets are loaded, set up a target area. Make sure your target has a catch-box since X-Ring Bullets can be re-used several times. A simple cardboard box with any baffling material like newspaper, towels or old blankets will be sufficient. After making sure your area is generously ventilated, arming yourself with safety gear and preparing the area (you don’t want to accidentally overshoot or have a bullet ricochet onto ma’s antique vase), let the fun begin!

Shooting fanatics can get live-fire experience virtually anywhere. Novice shooters can practice gun handling and cowboy shooters can practice their quick-draw technique. Shooters who need their weapons to perform in sensitive situations can use the X-Ring Rubber Bullets for tactical training. The possibilities are endless because spontaneous practice can happen just about anywhere with the X-Ring Rubber Bullet.
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It’s October, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We can tell you care by the pink ribbon you wear in honor your loved ones affected by breast cancer, but is there more you can do? Read more to find out how and why to market your services and products to help support this worthy cause and generate dollars for your business.

Walk! Get everyone in your salon on board and energized by the campaign by signing up for a local Breast Cancer Walk. Encourage your stylists to raise money, giving the stylist who raises the most special recognition or a symbolic gift.

Fashion!  Show off your salon’s talent in a fashion show. Partner with a local hospital or clinic to provide mobile mammograms, incorporate a raffle or auction and offer discounted cuts for the day.

Cut! Host a Cut-A-Thon, giving wet cuts at a discounted price while donating a predesignated amount to the cause.

Educate! Host an evening awareness campaign with a speaker who can share the warning signs and prevention methods. With price of admission, give a goodie bag with special discounts, samples and mini-services like massages, consultation services, paraffin dips or conditioning treatments.

Color! Offer a special service like pink extensions, chalking with Color.Bug or massages with every service sold in October.

FACTS about Cause Marketing (from Journal of Business Management):

1) Cause related marketing campaigns have a positive impact on the brand awareness.
Show your clients your special products and introduce them to something new to them.
2) Cause related marketing campaigns have a positive impact on the corporate image of the company.
Show your clients you care and reinforce their faith in you!
4) Good perception regarding the corporate image of company is associated with the higher
level of consumer purchase intentions.
More faith = higher purchases. It’s a win, win!

Consumers are drawn to products that support causes. In fact, 47% of consumers buy a brand at least monthly that supports a cause. October is one of the biggest months for cause awareness with nearly everyone recognizing the month as Breast Cancer Awareness.

Paul Mitchell is a proud supporter of the American Cancer Society and has an entire line of “Pink is My Color” products that your clients will treasure the whole year and beyond.
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With the 2012 London Olympics in full swing, we can’t help but wonder how athletes keep their locks healthy during training. Sweat, heat, ponytails and chlorine can wreck havoc on hair. Though we may not style for Olympic competitors there’s an athlete in all of us!

 Here are some tips to share with your athletic clients:

Dealing with Scalp Sweat

Salt and sweat left on the scalp after a workout can dry hair out, eventually causing breakage. Suggest a mild shampoo (one of our favorites is Kevin.Murphy’s Angel.Wash) and a leave-in conditioner for frequent washings.

Between washes, rinse hair thoroughly or use a leave-in shampoo like Kevin.Murphy’s Fresh.Hair  or Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo. Avoid blow-drying when possible and use a thermal protectant to avoid heat damage.

Break Away From Ponytails

Ponytails and braids can cause hair to break and cause scalp stress if the style is pulled tightly. To avoid permanent damage, encourage your clients to use a leave-in conditioner and a modern-day scrunchy (a tie dye hair tie is super gentle on hair), securing loose strands with a barrette. Athletes should wear their hair down whenever possible to relieve stress on the hair.

Swim Cap Conundrum

Though most avid swimmers protect their hair with swim caps, the truth is that water still gets in causing dry, brittle hair or a greenish cast.  Before each swim, protect hair from harsh ocean water and chlorine by applying full-strength Vanilla Bean to dampened hair, then covering with a cap. Swimmers should wash their hair after every swim. A clarifying shampoo like ColorProof’s ClearItUp Detox Shampoo removes chlorine and leaves the hair clean from water residue. Follow with a conditioner to smooth the hair.

Beauty first 
A person’s’ hair defines their fashion sense, and athletes are choosing style over convenience. So, if you have runners, swimmers or other athletes as salon clients, talk to them about their haircare regime. They will appreciate your advice!
For more information on quality professional products for use in your salon, please visit Salon Service Group.
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