Pricing and Contact

If you’re interested in hiring me for a freelance marketing or web project, please fill out the form below or call 417.268.0488.

Pricing is as follows:

Basic contract rate is $25 per hour.

Writing projects are determined according to scope of project and a quote will be offered upon consultation. For single projects, content is developed on an hourly basis. The monthly contract for one article per month is $75, two $100, three $125 and one per week $150.

Websites start at $500 for basic 10-page templated sites. For customized templates and a quote will be offered after scope has been determined.

Social Media
Social media and community management includes up to 3 social sites and one monthly blog at $250 per month.

Adwords Setup and Management
Adwords offers guaranteed front page results. Management includes ads, keywords, adword setup and reporting. Setup is $250 and Monthly maintenance is 20% of adspend with a minimum of $150/month and a 6 months term (can be split into 2 terms if needed).

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