Angela Frizell, Writer, Communicator and Leader. Owner of Me, Inc.

We all have skillsets that make us more employable, but according to Knock ’em Dead, the  skills all employees should have are:  communication, critical thinking, leadership, motivation, respect for procedures, determination, integrity, teamwork, creativity, time management and productivity.

My strengths:  communication, leadership & critical thinking. These have led me to consistently advance in my career field and to become a leader in my profession. My integrity and get-it-done attitude make me stand out amongst others in my field. In fact, the most important traits I hold true are my determination, integrity, communication skills and productivity.

Where my teammates need help, I step up and assist with follow-through, which aligns with the needs of the department I work while helping the company unveil hidden needs, further launching it forward. My skills and knowledge in social media make me stand out amongst others in my field, but I want to be known more for my expertise in communications as a whole.

I am constantly learning and growing in the technical side while honing my skills as a communicator. I am an experienced technical and article writer, work well following ideas and concepts through to fruition, and am a clear and adept communicator overall. I am a leader that follows assignments through to completion. Though I respect the past successes and current processes of my workplace, I am masterful at implementing new procedures that help further the mission of the organization for which I work.

As I progress in my field, I am dedicated to furthering my personal development. I especially focus my energies at mastering the art of teamwork, creativity and time management. These are areas where I know I need growth. Though I am adept in the basics of each (I work well within a team, have good ideas and am organized), I understand my shortcomings. As a team member, I sometimes work on projects independently where working with another team member could be more productive. When implementing my own ideas, I oftentimes am hesitant at following through for fear of failure. Finally, though I am proficient at organization and delivery, my prioritization is something I that could use improvement.

Overall, I am a strong communicator and skilled in my profession. I am an asset to any company looking for a skilled writer with integrity, leadership and critical thinking skills. If you are looking for a Springfield leader to help launch your business forward in its communications, you should consider hiring me, Angela Frizell.


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