Catapult Your Marketing Efforts Using the Internet

Change. The marketing beast has morphed from print-based and in-your-face to a more subtle yet complex animal through the Internet. Businesses that previously screamed their pitch are now opting for a sweeter approach.

Avenue. Businesses are offering much-appreciated information to the public and opting for a humorous or caring approach which begins and ends with the Internet.

Talk. Research and talk to people about the Internet and how it can be used to best spread the message of your business. Someone else may have an idea you likely never thought of before. You never know until you ask – find out from friends, relatives and other businesses how they use the Internet to gain interest in their business or cause.

Action. Create a Website to serve as the business doorway. Offer tips and information using social media outlets to allow for customer interaction and then link this information back to your Website. Track your URLs to find out if you are getting traffic using sites like

Plan. Businesses preparing to delve into Internet marketing must have a plan! It does a business no good to direct money, time and effort to something without knowing what direction it’s trying to go. What does your business want to get out of Internet marketing?

Utilize. Constantly use and update the information you put Online. Use the social media outlet that is best for your company. If marketing a law firm, a site like LinkedIn that showcases resume information would be more professional than a site like MySpace which is geared towards the music industry.

Learn. Social Media is constantly changing. To stay abreast of the changes, businesses need to invest in learning. Sure, the Internet has all the information you need to learn, but if you don’t know where to find the information, you are basically up the creek. Buy books, take workshops and visit your local University for information about marketing Online.

Thank. Let your followers, friends and customers know that you appreciate them! Offer specials, interact and simply acknowledge your business supporters.


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