Using Twitter for Business

One of the most important things to consider when using a Twitter account for your business is this:  How can I generate more business?  In order to answer that question, you must ask yourself this:  Why are customers interested in following your business? 

Twitter can generate business for you — I have seen it firsthand. When a business offered great information about a topic someone was not knowledgable about, that person called after only a month of following the business for a service appointment. 

Followers will come in time (depending on the Tweets you deliver). When people use Twitter to search about something in which they are interested, only if you have Tweeted about that topic will they find you.  If you’re an already large business or a small business well-recognized in your community, people will follow you out of familiarity.

Inform and educate. No matter how you find followers, what’s most important is to give them something they want from following you:  information.  Much like the radio psychologist who treated callers when they called in, there is a much larger audience than just the callers.  The Twitter audience can be wider and further-reaching than just those who respond and interact or those who are listed as your followers.

Like the radio program, people follow businesses on Twitter for valuable information. Because of this, businesses need to leave their readers with something with every Tweet:  whether it is what the business has scheduled for the following month, little bits of  helpful information about the industry or simply a shout-out about what is going on for the day.

Don’t use Twitter like a print advertisement. It is important to note that people DO NOT want to be bombarded with constant advertisements and pushes for the business.  Instead, periodically offer specials to your followers. Tell them that the next 100 new followers will be treated with a free something or, better yet, that you will donate money to a charity for each person who follows you.

Finding followers is not a numbers game. The more businesses and Tweeters someone follows, the lower the likelyhood your Tweets will be noticed.  Branch out and search for your own followers, but keep in mind that followers can be viral — every one person you impress enough to re-tweet can generate more followers.

That brings up another topic:  Re-Tweeting. Only ask followers to re-Tweet information that is helpful to anyone, gains interest in the industry through education or offers followers an opportunity to make a difference to a charitable organization. Return the favor and follow other businesses and retweet them, too.

Use Twitter to work for you and your business. It’s a great marketing tool in this quickly changing marketing industry.  Most of all, have fun with it!  Twitter is a great resource for your business if you use it properly.


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